ZANU woes chiefs

Bulawayo city council offices at the large city hall were on Wednesday sealed off by armed police officers who harassed council staff and residents who wanted to conduct business at the municipal offices.

The city Hall in Bulawayo where the chief's conference is taking
The city Hall in Bulawayo where the chief’s conference is taking

Traditional chiefs are holding their annual chiefs conference at the venue which also houses among other offices the mayor and town clerk’s offices. The Zimbabwean news crew witnessed council workers being thoroughly searched before being allowed into their offices.

“All the council workers who work at the City hall have been ordered to get accreditation for the conference in order to be allowed in at the main gates. The atmosphere here is very tense .There are security agents all over the place,” said one council worker who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

The Zimbabwean also witnessed workers from a local up market hotel pitching catering tents and decorating chairs and tables for the chiefs.

For the first time in the history of the highly politicised annual retreat, the chiefs are attending this year’s conference with their

spouses. The chiefs and their wives have been booked in five star hotels in the city. According to investigations carried out by the

Zimbabwean, bed and breakfast for an individual cost between US$95 and $150.The three day conference is expected to host over 1 000 delegates including Zanu (PF) cabinet ministers. On Wednesday the chief’s

spouses were taken to Matopo national parks in Zupco buses with President Mugabe’s campaign posters.

The conference which is running under the theme “Traditional leaders: realigning culture and traditions towards dynamic community

development and empowerment will be officially opened by Mugabe on Thursday.

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