ZARF broke, can't produce Report for Q2

The Zimbabwe Advertising and Research Foundation (ZARF) says it has no cash to produce the next report, the chairman, collin Moxon, has confirmed.

Moxon told advertsing and media personalities gathered in harare that the association had run out of cash and could not, theirefore, produce the next report which would be for the Second Quarter in 2012.

A senior official said: "I am afraid we have no cash to produce the next report. We ask that you all pay your subscriptions and help us so that we can get the data out to you for the next Quarter."

He said some advertising and media companies were not giving their 1,5 percent levy to the association resulting in the serious cash crunch bedevilling ZARF.

"We need all of you to co-operate,' he said in harare.

"If we do not receive our levies then we cannot produce the next report for you. ZARF does not have the funds to commission the study for Quarter 2, 2012. That's the situation right now ladies and

Another interesting development in the ZARP Report for the Quarter is that tuckshops have sprouted all over the country.

"Tuckshops jumped from 1 percent to 13 percent," the ZARF official said.

"Tuckshops are coming back. ntionally they have jumped from 1 percent to 13 percent for the past Quarter."

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