ZNCC Newsletter and website good advertising platforms

ZNCC is encouraging members and non members to take advantage of the daily newsletter and website to market their products by way of placing adverts and advertorials. The newsletter has a wide reach in Zimbabwe, regionally and around the world. The mailing list which has over 7,000 subscribers continues to grow everyday.

The major advantage of using these platforms is that the adverts will go direct to decision makers. This is a form of direct marketing. Those who are using the platforms can testify that they have managed to achieve sales results. Book an advert today and do not be the last. The Advert size specks are as follows and note also that All sizes are in pixels and they are width x height like the examples on the website. We can also design the adverts for you.

Top Banner (tetrad) – 728 x 90px

Top Banner (VIP Lounge) – 230 x 90px

Side Banner (dulys) – 285 x 140px* – The height for this can go up to 285px

Side Banner – 160 x 600px

Bottom Banner (premier auto) – 1024 x 120px

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