A1 farmers evicted

Uncertainty has gripped 53 illegal settlers here who claim to be A1 farmers who were last month served with eviction notices warning that they will be forcibly removed if they are still there at the end of April.

Settled on invaded farms Burma Park and Lot 2 of Burma Valley, they have been offered alternative land elsewhere, but have remained defiant.

According the lands office in Mutare, Burma Park was not suitable for A1 farmers, as it was a water catchment area, which would result in siltation of Nyamakari River and speed desertification of the Burma Valley.

Daniel Kaswa who is representing the families said they would not vacate the farm, as they were instructed by the spirit medium to remain there.

He added that he had been taken captive by the spirit medium for two weeks and it (spirit medium) had told him that they should not vacate the farm.

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