Another Year of Drought in Buhera South

A 45 year old year man Urayayi Nendanga is sitting at the back of his hut looking at very little and fragile maize crops that are in his sandy field.

Buhera District which is about 25 kilometers South West of Mutare the provincial town of Manicaland is yet to face another year of starvation.

To the people in this district harvesting is something they are not expecting due to poor yields and most people have iopted to have thier livestock harvest for them.

"I have decided to have my cattle and goats feed on the crops that are in the fields so that at least they can gain weight for the mean time.

In most of the fields in the district the crops are looking lifeless and yet people are yet to come for harvesting.

Authorities in the district have attributed the problem to poor soils in the area married with low rainfall and high temperatures.

An Arex Official in the area Robson Masaiti said what makes it stunning is that even some of the crops that are suitable for the area have failed to make it this year.

"For the past three years we have been experiencing serious food shortage but for this time it has been serious because we even have some crops like sorghum and millet but this time we have failed produce enough for the people,"

Masaiti also said there is likely to have seroius water and pastures shoratges shortages in the district.

"From the look of the things right now our water sources are not well equiped and the pastures are not enough and very soon live stock will be under seage in this district,"said Masaiti

When the standard toured the area the temperatures were very high and most people were sleeping helplessly under trees nearby their homes.

MP for Buhera South Naison Nemadziva said he has started working with the District Administrator so as to find food for the people in the constituency.

"There is no need to hire agriculture expects to tell us that this is another year of drought and i have already talked to the District Administrator for that,"said Nemadziva.

The MP said instead of harvesting what is in their fields villagers are invading nearby areas such as Chivhu and Wedza in search of food for their families.

"I am aware that people are going in near by areas in search of maize and food in some areas because here there is nothing that one can do," he said.

A local councillor revealed that people who are invading the nearby areas in seach of food could go their and work for the food.

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