Ballot Update


This update provides an analysis of political developments as reported by ZESN observers over the period February to March 2012. The period has been characterised by police violence which culminated in the death of a civilian and the injury 11 citizens.

The political environment while seeming calm is filled with tension as parties in the GNU continue with in fighting and testing each other’s muscle. There is continued electioneering by political parties which has caused the electorate much confusion.

Observers report that political parties activities have increased significantly with political party restructuring, campaigns and meetings as parties evidently prepare for elections. While observers have reported limited physical violence, reports of intimidation and harassment continue to pose a real threat to citizens’ psychological wellbeing.

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network remains dedicated to the promotion of democratic elections in Zimbabwe. In line with this objective, we continue to analyse the political environment in the 210 constituencies where observers are deployed. This update is informed by observations from these constituencies and broadly captures national political developments in Zimbabwe.

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