British to blame: Dabengwa

ZAPU president Dumiso Dabengwa says Britain is to blame for the mess created by President Robert Mugabe because he is a creation of the former colonial master.


In an interview with The Zimbabwean, the former Minister of Home Affairs in Mugabe’s government was scathing in his assessment of Britain’s involvement since the dawn of majority rule 32 years ago.

“Mugabe has always been a creation of the British and his ascent to power was a product of Margaret Thatcher’s direct involvement, they thought in Zanu (PF) they had found a compromise who would toe their line ahead of Joshua Nkomo and his ZAPU.

“The British had this warped imagination that Nkomo was too close to Communist Russia and China at the time. Now, because Mugabe has been dumped, he turns around and accuses the Westminster Foundation of funding Tsvangirai and MDC,” Dabengwa charged.

He said it was ironic that Mugabe found it infuriating that Tsvangirai was now the darling of the Queen and feels jealous about it.

“Mugabe’s rants have nothing with protection of the country’s integrity and sovereignty, and everything to do with his wish to kneel before the Queen of England to pay homage.

“He loves the red carpet and now that it’s been pulled from under his feet he is behaving like a spoilt brat screaming and kicking and causing a scene in the eyes of visitors to attract attention,” the former ZAPU Intelligence Supremo said.

Dabengwa accused Zanu (PF) and Mugabe in particular of benefiting from a flawed constitution.

“Those who benefit from a constitution that is transitional and open to manipulation will naturally want its continued use. The Lancaster constitution was meant to be transitional but look how long it has lasted in Zimbabwe,” the ZAPU president said.

There are unconfirmed reports that at its formation Zanu (PF) got funding from the British government led by Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson and business mogul and the powerful mining conglomerate Anglo-American.

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