Chagonda explains MDC thinking

A lawyer for the MDC, Innocent Chagonda, said the party decided to enter the inclusive government with Zanu (PF) because it realised that President Robert Mugabe would never relinquish power, and would rule until he was “the last man alive in Harare”


In a cable released in December 2011, Chagonda said he and others like MDC secretary general Tendai Biti had been opposed to joining a government that included Mugabe but they realised that joining the government would be the only way to achieve several objectives.

The MDC would be able to channel humanitarian assistance to the needy; while focusing on the drafting of a new constitution and preparation for new elections. Chagonda said the MDC had no immediate expectation that a new government that included ZANU (PF) would undertake the necessary political and economic reforms that would result in U.S. and other western assistance.

He thought agreement could be achieved between the parties on division of governorships, appointment of ambassadors, and composition and functions of the national Security Council.

While it does not believe it can govern collaboratively with Mugabe, the MDC believed its participation in government ccould begin the process of political and economic stabilization and prepare the way for new elections in which it could win the presidency.

The MDC also believed that as part of the government, and with control of the House of Assembly, it could foment the disintegration of Zanu (PF).

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