Civilian Murder Case in Shamva vs. Policeman Murder Case in Glen view: Judiciary Hypocrisy Exposed

Six police officers who recently butchered a Shamva mine worker, Luxmore Chivambo fatally injuring 11 others have been granted $50.00 bail.

Motion Jakopo (41), Simon Mafunda (32), Michael Makwalo (30), Lee Makope (23), Benedict Tapfuma (22) and Blessing Saidi (26) led by one inspector Aspias Shumba (48), the member in-charge at Shamva Police Station descended upon Ashley Mine Compound and rounded up residents in the wee hours of the night ruthlessly kicking and punching the residents at the same time severely hitting them with baton sticks and clenched fists all over their bodies. The six are facing murder charges. Aspias Shumba commandeered his troops to revenge the alleged theft of his wife Judith’s pace which was believed to contain only one $US1.00 note according to local press reports.

The Youth Forum is deeply unsettled by this development of granting a paltry US$50 bail to the Shamva policemen who grisly murdered a Shamva man and bread winner in cold blood on 17 March 2012. This bail amount trivialises the murder charges the policemen are facing and reduces public confidence in court processes especially those involving state security agents. This development is in sharp contrast with the case of 29 Glen View residents accused of murdering Inspector Petros Mutedza following a scuffle at Munyarari Beerhall in Glen View who have been battling for bail since May 2011. The 29 residents including the President of the MDC Youth Assembly Mr Solomon Madzore who have been behind bars since their arrest back then. The 29 residents are all said to be MDC supporters.

On 31st May, 2011, two days after the incident, Police Commissioner-General Chihuri reacted to Inspector Mutedza’s death in a speech read on his behalf at Inspector Mutedza’s funeral: “The Zimbabwe Republic Police shall not, and I repeat, shall not sit on its laurels while innocent citizens of this country, let alone police officers, are being decimated by uncouth opposition political elements in a naïve and imbecilic attempt to make our country ungovernable. Those who wish to live by the sword must be prepared to die by the sword.”

On March 29, 2012, The Herald reports the commissioner Chihuri had this to say at a pass out parade at Morris Depot in Harare following the murder of Luxmore Chivambo; “This incident was uncalled for and discipline was set aside and hooliganism prevailed. Such acts should not be repeated and on behalf of the organisation I would like to console the Chivambo family on the loss of Luxmore. Let us allow the law to take its course,” he said

What shocks even street vegetable vendors throughout Zimbabwe is the fact that the same courts managed to grant bail to the 6 policemen 25 days after their crime while the 29 who went in last year are still languishing behind bars although their charges are similar. This clearly shows that the judiciary system in Zimbabwe is heavily compromised and plays to the whims and caprices of ZANU-PF.

The glaring case of the insincerity of our judicial system is worrying and clearly shows the need for our judiciary to be rid of political interference. It is of concern as to whether such an apparently partisan justice delivery system can sustain a free and fair election, given the obvious role of the police and judiciary in electoral processes. The Youth Forum is further concerned as to whether these same courts, which are yet to finalize electoral fraud cases brought before them, some dating back as far as 2002, can be able to guarantee a fair contribution to the attainment of a free and fair election.

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