Croc exports to Belgium to resume

Crocodile meat exports to foreign markets are to resume following years of economic instability Binga Crocodile Farm managing director, John English, said exports to Belgium should start next month following finalisation of export documentation.

Binga Crocodile farm: meat is popular in Belgium.
Binga Crocodile farm: meat is popular in Belgium.

“There has been some delay but we are expecting the clearance papers anytime soon,” he said.

The company used to export crocodile meat to Singapore and European markets. It started exporting the meat to Belgium in 2005 but this was suspended due to the economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

As part of preparations to re-enter the foreign markets, English said the farm had embarked on refurbishment of its abattoirs and cold rooms.

Crocodile products are in high demand in Asian and European countries where they are used for leisurewear and medicines. Crocodile meat is also popular in hotels. It is estimated that the country earns more than $100 million annually through export of meat and skins to countries such as Japan, Singapore, the United States and Australia.

The country’s varied terrain and hospitable climate provide an ideal habitat for crocodiles.

The crocodiles are slaughtered when they are between two and three years old. Crocodile producers also earn revenue through tourist tours on their properties.

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