Global News Roundup

Iranian weapons

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear Saturday that time is running out for diplomacy over Iran’s nuclear program.

Talks aimed at preventing Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon will resume in mid-April, but Clinton said Iran’s “window of opportunity” for a peaceful resolution “will not remain open forever.” China has rejected the USA’s call to stop buying Iranian oil.

Saudi Women

The International Olympic Committee wants Saudi Arabia to include women in its team for this year’s London Olympics. Human Rights Watch says that “the Saudi government systematically discriminates against women in sports,” and the IOC want the Saudis to join Qatar and Brunei in including women in their 2012 Olympic teams.

Chinese Labour

In response to one of the largest investigations ever conducted of a U.S. company’s operations outside America, Apple Inc. and its main manufacturing contractor Foxconn have agreed to stop violations of working conditions among 1.2 million Foxconn workers. The Fair Labour Association’s probe into Apple’s business was recently made public.

American Lottery

Three tickets have won the world’s biggest ever lottery jackpot, $640m, in the USA. The winning tickets were purchased in the states of Maryland, Kansas and Illinois after Americans spent an estimated $1.5bn entering the draw for the jackpot, which reached the record level because no-one had won since January.

Mali Assault

Rebels in Mali attacked the strategic northern garrison town of Gao, population 87,000, with heavy weapons, hours after taking another town, Kidal. The Tuareg separatist rebels are seeking their own homeland and began the rebellion in January.

Anti-Islamic Alliance

Far-right groups in Europe held a rally in Denmark Saturday aimed at creating what they term an “anti-Islamic alliance” across the continent.

The groups are concerned with the “Islamification of Europe”. Only a few hundred attended, but many of these were group leaders.

Internet policy

Vint Cerf, one of the founders of the internet, has condemned European plans to regulate it. Cerf calls the proposals a “terrifying”, saying “You can’t go out and remove content from everybody’s computer just because you want the world to forget about something.”

Kenyan Attack

A grenade attack near the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa has killed one person and injured at least 10 others. The anti-Christian attack is suspected to be linked to the radical Muslim group al-Shabab. Mombasa is a popular holiday destination and many Kenyans and foreigners would be planning to head there for the Easter break.

Thailand Blasts

A series of bomb blasts have killed at least nine and wounded 50 in the regional capital of Thailand’s Yala district. Saturday’s attacks involved both car and motorcycle.

The blasts went off at 10-minute intervals. Thailand’s southern area, which borders Malaysia, has experienced near-daily bomb or gun attacks since 2004.

Sudan Troubles

The governor of Sudan’s Southern Kordofan, Ahmed Harun, has been filmed addressing troops before a battle with rebel fighters urging them to “take no prisoners”. Harun has already been indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity in Darfur, was filmed saying: “Don’t bring them back alive.” Southern Kordofan holds most of Sudan’s oil reserves, after South Sudan seceded in July 2011, taking its oilfields with it.

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