Harare graves untended

The Harare city council has failed to cut grass at its cemeteries because it has no money to hire workers.

Emmanuel Chiroto
Emmanuel Chiroto

Harare Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Chiroto told The Zimbabwean :“I have discussed this with the Prime Minister because it is a serious issue.”

Residents with families buried at the cemeteries have to make private arrangements to maintain the graves even though the council sells graves for $231 at Warren Hills and $130 at Granville cemetery.

Passmore Chari of Warren Park expressed disappointment describing the council’s attitude as ‘really disrespectful to the dead to abandon them in such a way’.

Chari and Richmond Mataruse, flower vendors at Warren Hills cemetery and Pioneer grave yard in Mbare suburb, said very few relatives visited the graves for fear of snake bites. Pioneer cemetery,which had become bushy, had been turned into a relieving area.

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