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What prophet?

I am deeply puzzled by the people of Zimbabwe who are seeing and talking of prophet Makandiwa as if he was God. He is not even the first prophet in Zimbabwe; there have been so many prophets who have given true prophesies of what happened in the country and we have chosen not to believe them because they don’t wear expensive designer suits. We are the one giving Makandiwa too much praise he does not deserve. If he wakes up one day to claim that he is God we have ourselves to blame. – Gwati, Harare

Political prostitutes

Politicians are amazing prostitutes. They don’t want to see any crowd-puller. They will rush there and try to lure people to their party by praising anything they can to win support. Webster Shamu was at Makandiwa’s judgement night singing at the forefront barely a year after he was captured at JohanneMasoweyechishanu church. They target where there are many people and go there to sell their ideas. – Larry J, Zimre Park.

PM is being used

I don’t blame the MDC-T youths for demanding that Tsvangirai pulls out of the GNU. Morgan is now dancing to Bob’s tune and failing to realise the function of an opposition party. Maybe he has been given his own piece of the cake by Mugabe and he has forgotten about the people he represents. Wake up and smell the coffee Mr Prime Minister, you are being used. – Tawanda, Eastlea.

Clarify spot fines

What is the government’s position on ZRP spot fines? We have been told they were banned but police continue to charge motorists for different offences and make them pay on the spot. ZRP needs to be investigated; it seems some policemen are now just mounting a road block whenever they feel they needed some cash money for something. – Frustrated.

Give us sport

Please may we have sports coverage in The Zimbabwean, I wasted my money buying it last week only to be disappointed. 95 percent of the people who buy it here do so because they want to be updated on sports back home. So please don’t rob us of our money without delivering. –Angry reader, South Africa.

Don’t wish him dead

Most Zimbabweans honestly hoped it was our president, Robert Mugabe; TB Joshua was prophesising about when he talked of the death of an African president. As much as Mugabe has done the people of Zimbabwe wrong, it is just inhuman to wish him dead. I personally wish he lives long so that he will one day go through some free and fair elections where he will be humiliated by an opposition leader. I want him to live long so that he pays for his sins. – John “J.B” Brown, Arcadia.

Expose violence

I want to urge you (The Zimbabwean) to be on the lookout of political violence and expose it the way you did in the past. We want the truth to be told and the world to know what is happening to the people of Zimbabwe and send help. We can’t stand for long watching Mugabe deprive us of basic human rights, we are human aren’t we? –Anon.

Hazard for kids

Gura Primary School, located 20km from Chireya Business Centre in Gokwe is a potential hazard to children. It was opened on 30 June 2011 and currently has 327 pupils and 8 teachers (2 are trained – the Headmaster and the Deputy). The opening of the school was largely political since it was facilitated by District Vice-Chairperson of a political party.

Of course, there are other schools that are like Gura Primary in Zimbabwe, but Gura Primary was instituted on political grounds to blindfold the local community, especially to gain votes ahead of next elections. The school has wooden log sheds as classrooms. Dilapidated huts that are used as teachers’ houses. There is no furniture. Pupils sit on logs and crouch to write in their exercise books placed on their laps on dusty floors. – Angry parent

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