Kawondera sings Zanu (PF) praises on Facebook

Former Warrior’s striker, Shingi Kawondera, has confirmed being a staunch supporter of Zanu (PF). “I like the ideology of Mr Mugabe we need a leader like him - a man who doesn’t flip flop with his decisions,” he said.

Shingi Kawondera gives the Zanu (PF) clenched fist.
Shingi Kawondera gives the Zanu (PF) clenched fist.

He urged citizens to unite behind the President and challenged those affected by the land “reform” programme to also join hands together with those who benefitted for the betterment of the society.

“Some people were badly affected by the land reform and now it’s up to the people who benefited from it to take fellow citizens to the next level. It’s a long process which won’t transpire overnight. Without greediness we will get there. If we fail as a generation at least let us do it for generations to come. Let us not fail our children, we need to unite for progress and any real African country that wants real independence will have to go through these economic hardships,”he said.

Kawondera will go down in history as one of the most talented strikers our country has ever seen. He was a marvel to watch alongside Musareka Jenitala at DT Africa United and with Benjani Mwaruwari and Peter Ndlovu in the national team.

He scored crucial goals that saw the Warriors qualify for the 2006 African Nations Cup.

Kawondera made headlines early this year after his supermodel ex- wife Mary Mubayiwa (28) married the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constantine Chiwenga, whose marriage to combative business woman Jocelyn ended acrimoniously.

Chiwenga reportedly paid a $45 000 bride price for the former catwalk queen in a traditional ceremony held in Dema, Seke communal lands according to media reports in February. Analyst, Vusumuzi Ndlovu blasted Kawondera for seeking publicity rather than focusing on his waning football career. “Our country is failing to qualify for international tournaments. Shingi should rather be coming up with ways of improving, rather than praising a dead donkey,” he said.

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