Many hopeful about new constitution

People across the age and political divides are aware that a new law of the land is being written, but most are not aware of exactly what is happening. COPAC has said it will produce the first draft in less than a fortnight.

Makotsa - we want to participate in our country’s governance.
Makotsa – we want to participate in our country’s governance.

A mini-survey by The Zimbabwean in the streets of the capital last week showed that the Constitutional Select Committee has failed to fully inform people of what is going on with the process.

But people are acutely aware that the purpose of the new constitution is to entrench democracy and restore their human rights.

“The last I heard was they were heckling over ages of presidential aspirants. We don’t want old people as leaders. They should rest and leave young people to lead us. It is the norm in all societies.

Even I at 55 am nearing a time where I will have to give the baton to my son at family level, let alone a country. Those aged 80s or 90s should just leave and rest,” said Barnabas Muchemwa of Glen-Norah.

Moses Makotsa (66) of Greystone Park said the draft was expected anytime soon and he was looking forward to giving his verdict at the referendum.

“We want our rights and political space to participate in the governance of our country,” he said.

Pattie , a cross-border trader, said she would vote at the referendum.

“My vote will be guided by my political persuasion. The party leadership will guide us through this but we hope the new law will give us political space to determine our destiny without being molested,” said Mageza.

Mrs Nkomo (55) of Glen-Norah said her eyes would be on the bill of rights and the rights to ownership of land.

“Black or white we all need land and those that have five farms must face the law. We need transparency not only in politics but also in the distribution of the national cake. These community ownership schemes they are calling indigenization must be rationalized. Plus the term limits of leaders must be spelt out clearly. Two terms and go home please or even worse after two hours if we think you are not the proper, get off the presidency,” she said.

Munoda Bhegedhe (34) of Glen-view 7 said he would vote but there had been lack of communication on the part of COPAC.

“It’s like a secret. But anyway whatever they are doing we will judge at the referendum. But we will not let this chance go again like we did in 2000. It’s now or never,” said Bhegedhe.

“This will change our lives and those of next generations hence it’s important that we vote. It will be our first time and we hope even at the next elections we will be able to vote in peace and no violence please,” said students Nyasha and Kelly.

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