Marching towards the Promised Land:Saruwaka

The harmonized elections of 2008 ushered a new breed of youngsters into the political arena. In Mutasa Central Constituency, the fight for political supremacy took on epic David and Goliath proportions, as Trevor Saruwaka battled it out with veteran Zanu (PF) politburo member OppahMuchinguri.

Trevor Saruwaka
Trevor Saruwaka

Saruwaka, regarded as a young non-entity by many, is now MDC-MP for Mutasa. He says his party’s 2008 election strategy was successful in enhancing its popularity with the masses.

“The people have spoken. We were together in the struggle since 1999 when the MDC was formed. We have lost a number of our supporters due to Zanu (PF’s) election violence. I want to pay tribute to all those who died for the party. To those who are still alive we say we are still fighting to finish off Zanu (PF). We are now marching forward to the Promised Land and together we will reach it,” he said.

Saruwaka believes the keys to success are transparency and accountability.

“We work with all structures in the constituency and plan our development projects with the people. People see what we are doing and they actively participate,” he said.

He said he was looking forward to being elected again and was hopeful that the people in the constituency still had confidence in him.

“I have worked for the people and they have appreciated what I have done to help uplift their lives,” he said.

Saruwaka has engaged with various donors and partners who have shown interest in projects in the area. Discussions with the British Embassy about electrifying St Peter’s Jombe Secondary School are already at an advanced stage.

Saruwaka urged the people in his constituency to be registered as voters and not to be afraid of Zanu (PF’s) election machinery that he said was characterized by violence.

“Previously, our people have been beaten and we have been making police reports, but to our surprise there was nothing being done at all. On many occasions our members who would have made the police report, ended up being arrested as they were said to be the ones who would have fanned violence.

“But this time around people should not be afraid of the election violence, we have put in place measures that will see everyone attending our meetings and voting for MDC-T without being intimidated,” he said.

What the people say

“He is a good man to work with. He is very accessible and he comes for meetings if we invite him. Comparing him with the previous MPs I think he is the best as he has managed to do things that the other previous MPs failed to do,” – Edward Maguwe.

“Our MP even visits us asking for our problems. He has been very transparent on the CDF. He works hand in hand with all the councillors and we communicate with him directly, a thing which we did not do previously. We will definitely vote for him in the next election.

He has electrified Sherukuru Clinic, which had no electricity since Independence. He has graded the Nyabadza – Watsomba road that was almost inaccessible,” – Oscar Mubaiwa.

“Considering that it is his first term in the office, I think he has done a lot. We are therefore looking forward to working with him in many more years to come. We also want to give him time so that he completes all his projects that he has started,” – Tendai Pfachi.

“Despite operating in a tense atmosphere Saruwaka has soldiered on. He has shown that he is a brave person. He has constructed a bridge atMverechena and Nyapande and upgraded the maternity wing at Bonda Mission Hospital. He has built a maternity wing at Danda clinic and bought a generator for Vumbunu secondary school,” – Dingindlela Sauramba.

“Schools have been upgraded with cement floors, he constructed boreholes and put generators in schools and clinics. We now request him to continue upgrading the schools that have not been upgraded.

We also want him to invite some transport operators to service our routes and at the same time rehabilitate the major roads,” – Margaret Tindirika.

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