MDC could have put up a frog: Goche

Transport and Communications Minister and Zanu (PF) stalwart Nicholas Goche said the MDCcould have put up a frog and won in Zimbabwe’s urban areas during the 2000 elections, according to whistleblower website Wiki Leaks.

Nicholas Goche
Nicholas Goche

“The MDC could have “put up a frog” in the urban areas and would still have won against the ruling Zanu (PF),” latest cables by the website quoted Goche, who was then deputy foreign affairs minister, telling the US Envoy to Harare Tom McDonald.

Goche noted that rural people had voted for land while those in urban areas had voted for jobs in the 2000 parliamentary elections which saw Zanu (PF) winning only 62 seats against the MDC’s 57.

Goche downplayed the significance of MDC’s 57 seats in parliament describing it as a protest vote for high unemployment. He had flatly rejected the idea of the MDC being drafted into cabinet because ‘they are an unknown quantity’.

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