Mining firms pay for grave relocations

Diamond mining firms in Chiadzwa are reportedly paying as much as $1000 for the relocation of each grave located within their claims.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean a member of the Chiadzwa Community Development Trust, Malvern Mudiwa said although it was culturally and socially not welcome the people had accepted the offer.

“The mining companies at first did not see anything wrong with mining even on the graves but after consultations they are now paying a maximum of $100 to move a grave.The ideal condition would have been for the graves to remain in their place. We agreed they could be moved – but they will only be relocated within the precincts of Marange because our ancestors’ spirits would never agree to be moved to a foreign land,” said Mudiwa.

Another official of the trust, Melanie Chiponda, said they had begun to engage government and the mines in a constructive way.

“Things were not good in the early days but we have since struck rapport with the miners and government, we are talking and working together for the benefit of the community.We also have monitors on the ground to make sure that the security and the companies in general do not abuse people or trample on people’s rights,” said Chiponda.

Mudiwa said it was painful to be relocated to give way to foreigners who do not understand the social fabric of the locals. “These people do not know or understand our culture and in as much as we want foreign investments it’s not good for our culture and social fabric.Over the past 10 years we have been chasing whites away from our land and now we have whites from Asia chasing us from our land. Isn’t this ironic, life is really not fair, our leaders do what they want with us, they know what’s good for us,” he said.

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