Mujuru speaks from the grave

The late retired Army General Solomon Mujuru said elections should be a clean fight and both sides should accept the outcome.

According to recently posted Wikileaks cable, Mujuru told former US Ambassador Joseph Sullivan that he had been responsible for making sure that the 2001 by-election in Chikomba, hishome area, was peaceful. He also said he worked with others to minimize incidents of political violence in the run-up to the 2002 Presidential elections.Mujuru said it was not in Zimbabwe’s interests for political partiesto regard each other as enemies, but legitimate opponents.

“He told us that he had hosted a barbecue at his local home that included the ruling party and MDC parliamentary candidates, as well aslocal officials from both parties, at which he had urged everyoneinvolved to conduct a peaceful campaign,” Sullivan said in the cable.

Mujurualso told the Ambassador that the MDC would have been in control of Parliament in 2000 ifpeople had voted Yes in the constitutional referendum held that year, because this would have abolished the 30 seats appointed by the President and increased the number of seats in urban areas, where the MDC was stronger.

“The election campaign should be a clean fight, and both sides shouldbe able to accept the outcome. It was not in Zimbabwe’s interest forpolitical parties to regard each other as enemies, but legitimate opponents,” Mujuru said, acknowledging that it was difficult to buildtrust between Zanu (PF) and the MDC then.

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