Mutare Zanu (PF) supporters staged a solidarity demon

Zanu (PF) supporters aligned to Manicaland Provincial chairman Mike Madiro today staged a solidarity demonstration in support of their leader at the party`s offices.

Zanu (PF) supporters aligned to Provincial chairman Mike Madiro staging a demostration  at party`s offices in Mutare.
Zanu (PF) supporters aligned to Provincial chairman Mike Madiro staging a demostration at party`s offices in Mutare.

This follows a last week four day vigil at the same venue by supporters aligned to Vice President Joice Mujuru faction who were baying for Madiro`s head for tilting the party`s district elections results in favour of Defence minister Emerson Mnangagwa faction.

The supporters came from as far as Chimanimani, Nyanya and Mutare districts.

The supporters were toy-toying singing liberation war songs. Some were carrying placards written "In democracy there are winners and losers".

The demonstration was a defiance to party`s national political commissar Webster Shamu last week directive that urged supporters to calm down while their grievances were being addressed at national level.

Munangagwa faction which is backed mainly by youths wing is demanding that the national executive should endorse the outcome of the last week election were Mujuru faction lost dismally.

The supporters later dispersed after they addressed by their leader Mike Madiro who tried to playdown the of issue factionalism in the party saying he did not belong to any faction.

Madiro told the supporters that all their grievances will be addressed by Shamu at district level.

Shamu is expected to visit all volatile districts such as Mutare, Makoni, Nyanga, Buhera and Chimanimani this week.

"Please go back to your districts; national commissar will be visiting all the areas to address your concerns," said Madiro.

But the problems are far from over as war veterans in Nyanga rejected the elections results citing fraud and irregularities.

The war veterans managed to salvage a paltry two seats from the contested 31 seats. These are the commissariat and Women`s Affairs positions. They were lucky to grab the seats because they contested against each other.

Central Committee members Enock Porusingazi and Esau Mupfumi were fingered as the "chief funders" of the last week`s Mujuru faction demonstration in a bid to weaken the Munangagwa faction.

But, the two politicians have distanced themselves from the power struggles in the party, saying it was smear campaign by their detractors.

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