Political persecution of 29 MDC members gone too far

The MDC notes with great concern the release on bail by the High Court of six police officers who are facing serious murder charges after they fatally assaulted a mineworker in Shamva last month.

What is of grave worry to the MDC is that the same courts have denied granting bail to 29 MDC members who are facing false charges of murdering a police officer in Glen View, Harare last year in May.

Most of the MDC members have been in remand for nearly a year in very appalling conditions of overcrowding, inadequate food and sanitary facilities as the High Court through Justice Chinembiri Bhunu denies them bail.

Their continued incarceration is a well-orchestrated political persecution and victimisation of the MDC and its members.

What we find unusual is that the same High Court on Thursday this week, granted a mere US$50 bail to the Shamva police officers who abused their powers as public officers and assaulted mineworkers at Ashley mine, fatally assaulting Luxmore Chivambo.

As the MDC, our position is that Zimbabwe is expected to deliver democracy, full freedom for all, equality before the law and justice at individual level. It must help to ensure that all public officials appreciate that, in a democratic society, government must please the people – not the other way round. Clearly the justice system is not doing this now and it is must be transformed.

Thursday events are clearly a travesty to the delivery of justice in the country.

The MDC finds it ridiculous that innocent people like the 29 MDC members are denied their right to freedom for a year while police officers who committed murder in front of hundreds of eyewitnesses are granted bail after only one week in remand prison.

As the MDC, we stand by our members as they have no case to answer and are only being persecuted for fighting for real change in Zimbabwe.

However, the continued persecution of the MDC members has now reached alarming and ridiculous levels and is raising a lot of unnecessary eyebrows, which are detrimental to the good health of the inclusive government.

We find it unnecessary the charade that the Attorney General and his officers are playing under the guise of public prosecution on charges which they know in their hearts that they have no credible evidence.

As the MDC, we are against the State and the judiciary’s manoeuvres in continuing to imprison, persecute and harass innocent and peace loving Zimbabweans whose only crimes are to be members of a political party that is fighting to bring about democratisation to Zimbabwe.

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