President’s health should not be a secret

Zimbabweans have called on President Robert Mugabe’s spin doctors to come clean about the state of his health.

Unstable Mugabe gets support from his team.
Unstable Mugabe gets support from his team.

A snap survey contacted by The Zimbabwean showed most people seemed to rely on rumours and unconfirmed media reports to guess the president’s heath. This is what they said:

“Why would they hide it? At 88 there is one disease that affects everyone – old age. It should not be a secret because Mugabe is a public figure and we have every right to know if he is still in charge of his faculties,” Pauline Chirwa, an office worker.

“The fact that they have tried to keep it under wraps has not helped matters and left with no option but to speculate,” NCA spokesperson Blessing Vava

“We would expect people of the President’s age to be resting but because the guy has messed up big time is forcing him to keep hanging on until he dies, that is his only wish,” Luckson Dabvu.

“Mugabe’s problem is his young family that he would like to protect for as long as his legs can carry him. But he continues to mess such that by the time he dies his family would most likely be in more trouble,” Selina Chiura

“For an 88-year-old every day that passes with him alive is a bonus, the country should be planning now for life after him. It’s a given that he is going sooner rather than later,” a newspaper vendor who declined to be named. “We should not speak ill about our leaders Mugabe is our father and is like a King, even his death should not be announced too early. They want to create an immortal person out of him and this will not work, it’s a small group around him who are benefiting,” Cletus Mpofu, a city centre cleaner.

“Very soon it will be time out whether he likes it or not, even if they keep his health a secret it’s not going to work, time is the ultimate equalizer. God will call time on him one day,” Julius Chigodora, a student.

Medical specialists agree the likelihood of President Mugabe suffering from prostate cancer is very high, and that the cataract operation performed on him last year could have been bungled.

A cancer specialist with Zimbabwe Doctors for Human Rights, who cannot be identified for professional reasons, said the frequency with which Mugabe had visited the Far East in the past 16 months was consistent with cancer patients.

“The chances are extremely high and I have no doubt on that one because he would not normally need frequent medical attention after eye surgery,” he said. “He should copy from the Venezuelan President and tell us what’s wrong with him, we have a right to know,” Chido Mukuti, a vendor. “The constitution specifies that if the President is incapacitated by health then he should step down and that alone is enough reason for him to come clean because hiding his status is tantamount to a subversion of the constitution he is supposed to uphold,” Problem Masau, a student.

“I do not understand how an 88- year-old could be running around looking to be elected for office in a country of 14million people. Is it that we do not have other people to do that job, or selfishness on his part?” Farai Gwenhure.

“I would love to see the President leave office while he can still talk and walk. He should by now be inspiring other younger leaders to do the right thing and move the country forward,” Mai Shiri.

“What I foresee is a free for all in Zanu (PF) and the country, and then chaos. The guy is selfish and does not love anyone but himself,” Bassie Mutema.

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