Residents lament council corruption

The water supply here is set to improve after a multi-million dollar grant from the African Development Bank’s Water Facility African Development Bank (AWF/ADB) which availed a grant of 1.99 million Euros.

But residents this week lamented the lack of accountability on the part of those ‘placed’ in leadership positions within the council structures.

“The Acting Town Clerk, Fungai Mbetsa, is alleged to be squandering council money and the next thing we are going to hear is that his term of office has been extended,” lamented Godfrey Huriyadzo from St Mary’s.

“Council money is subject to abuse from those purporting to serve the people’s interests. The whole chain within council structures is questionable, as some of the employees are selected on a partisan basis,” he said.

TofaraRwande from Unit O in Seke said the operations of the resuscitation team were questionable because they were milking an already cash-strapped council through lavish lifestyles, while service delivery is at its worst.

“Mbetsa is living a lavish lifestyle in a five-star hotel on the pretext of reviving Chitungwiza. How does one resuscitate an institution while destroying the little resources available?” asked Rwande.

Efforts to get a comment from the Acting Town Clerk were futile.

“I do not conduct telephone interviews and I am not aware that you have been at my office several times in past weeks. Try and strike a chance next week, you might be lucky to get a few answers.

But in the mean time I do not have a say in what you are going to write,” he said.

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