Tuku's Uhuru performance full of spite

Superstar Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi's maiden appearance at the Uhuru gala celebrations yesterday had more into it than just a performance.

Superstar Oliver Mtukudzi sends a hidden message at Uhuru gala celebrations.
Superstar Oliver Mtukudzi sends a hidden message at Uhuru gala celebrations.

Tuku performed seven carefully selected spiteful songs, Hero, Zano (Idea), Gunguwo (Eagle), Pindirayi (Intervene), Hurunduwe, Zimbabwe and Ndiri Bofu (I'm Blind) at the Rainbow Tours.

The first four songs could be easily interpreted as directed at the stronghold leader President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) party.

He opened with a thought provoking track titled "Hero." The song queried the criteria used to bestow the country's heroes and whether only political parties are the only ones eligible to be buried at the national shrines.

"What does it takes to be a hero? Who should be a hero? What's a hero…" he sings in part of the song.

"Should you be dead to be a hero? Can Safirio Madzikatire be a hero?" questioned the husky voiced musician.

Zanu (PF) is well known for monopolizing the national shrines. Its politburo is responsible for selecting the country's national hero's status, which has biasly been bestowed to Zanu (PF) political loyalists.

In "Zano," Tuku sings about the struggling Zimbabweans who are tirelessly searching for a solution to emancipate themselves from their woes, mainly caused by unstable political environment at the hands of Zanu (PF).

"Pindirayi" states that the country's woes need the divine intervention of God since a political solution in the form of the former opposition MDC-T has not yet yield tangible results.

In "Hurunduwe," Tuku sings "Haikona kutya mhandu yaparara, haikona kutya mhandu yatsakara."

Here the international award winning star encourages the masses not to fear an ailing enemy, which is unmistakably in this case an old and very ill Mugabe who lost popularity due to his continuous stronghold on power.

In the same song, Tuku declared 2012 as the year, the oppressed become victors.

"Gore remasimba evanhu. (The year the strength of the oppressed rule supreme)," he sings.

To dismiss criticism from Zanu (PF) critics, the "Bvuma" hitmaker completed his 1 hour performance with a patriotic song followed by a groovy one, "Zimbabwe" and "Ndiri Bofu."

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