Two weeks, no ruling yet on MDC members

It is now two weeks after High Court judge; Justice Chinembiri Bhunu reserved judgment indefinitely on the application by 29 MDC members who are seeking leave to appeal for their refusal of bail at the Supreme Court.

The 29 members are in remand prison after they were indicted for trial on false charges of murdering a police officer in Glen View, Harare in May 2011.

However, for two weeks now Justice Bhunu has been sitting on his ruling of the bail application by 29 members who want their matter to be heard before the Supreme Court. The appeal to transfer the matter to the Supreme Court was made after the same judge had refused them bail pending the start of the trial.

What is worrying to the MDC, the accused and their families is that some of the accused have been in remand prison for close to one year as the State and the judiciary are refusing to grant them bail.

Because of the delay in the delivery of justice and the continued incarceration of the 29, the MDC view this as well-orchestrated political persecution and victimisation of the MDC and its members.

Of serious concern is that last Friday, the same High Court granted a US$100 bail to the Shamva police officer-in-charge, Inspector Aspias Shumba who is facing a murder charge of killing a mine worker, Luxmore Chivambo of Ashley Mine in March 2012.

Other Shamva police officers facing similar charges were two weeks ago granted bail by the same courts.

As the MDC, we demand the immediate release of 29 of our members. We condemn the State and the judiciary’s manoeuvres in continuing to imprison, persecute and harass innocent and peace-loving Zimbabweans whose only crimes are to be members of a political party that is fighting to bring about democratisation to Zimbabwe.

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