Women Filmmakers former member dies in Ngundu bus disaster

Elsworth Benhura, a former long-standing member of Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) recently died died in the Mega-Link bus accident close to Ngundu on 16th of April 2012 which killed 21 people, according to Olaf Koschke of WFOZ.

The late Elsworth Benhura.
The late Elsworth Benhura.

An overspeeding Beitbridge-bound Mega-Link bus is reported to have overshot a curve and overturned , according to eye-witnesses.

Fire-fighters battled through the early morning hours to free 15 people who were trapped. Despite the emergency responders’ best efforts, police say 20 people died on the spot and one died upon admission at Masvingo General Hospital.

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