Workers in Zim dollar dilemma

Workers at a Gweru catering company who won a Labour Court case over payment of severance packages have been plunged into a dilemma after their dues were calculated in the defunct Zimbabwean currency.

Zim dollar
Zim dollar

Labour Court judge Justice Maxwell Takuva awarded six Brytheville Investments workers a total of Z$360 billion, the legal tender used when the matter first went to court six years ago. The amounts range between Z$45 billion and Z$65 billion.

If the money is converted at the recommended “blended rate” the workers will get between $26 and $85 each. Some of them had worked for over 10 years. Consultations are still underway to find common ground with the management over the matter. After several zeroes were removed the exchange rate was Z$30 000 to US$1 in April 2008.

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