Zanu (PF) blocks transport of farm produce

Villagers suspected of supporting the MDC-T here are being denied transport for their horticultural products to Mbare musika.

Zanu (PF) has all but nationalised Mbare Musika.
Zanu (PF) has all but nationalised Mbare Musika.

They are forced to watch their fresh produce rot as transporters have been terrorised by Zanu (PF) thugs.

“We are being denied a chance to transport our crops to Mbare,” said one distraught villager, Evan Mashongwe.

Uzumba is a political hot spot, whereZanu (PF) activists have been on the rampage for some time now. Scared villagers have witnessed many cases of murder and arson by known Zanu (PF) members.

President Robert Mugabe again denounced violence last week at Independence celebrations, but it appears the word has not filtered down to his thugs on the ground.

“We are aware of the people who do not want competition and are doing everything in their power to make it difficult for us to sell vegetables,” said Evidence Muzare, who has two children at primary school. “If I can’t sell my produce my children cannot go to school.”

“Politics has divided our village. People are so scared that some are no longer growing vegetables. We are not politicians but villagers wishing to earn an honest living,” said another farmer Shylet Mandizvidza

Truck drivers who asked not to be named said that they were are afraid of people like Shadreck Karonga, Joel Chinogurei, ex detainee Tapambiwa Chironga, war veteran Joseph Friday Gavaza, Raymond Gavaza, Justice Chigubu, Phebion Mupfunya, Chenjerai Nyahumba, Cosy Dende, Portia Musanhi and also former ward councillor Elijar Tapambiwa Chigora.

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