ZANU PF ministers boycott Council of Ministers meeting

ZANU PF ministers on Tuesday boycotted a special Council of Ministers meeting, that was to be chaired by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to discuss the controversial manner in which the indigenisation programme is being implemented.

Speaking to SW Radio Africa, Tsvangirai’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka said: “It was realised the issue of indigenisation was a cross-cutting issue affecting many ministries and at the instigation and suggestion of the Minister of Indigenisation himself, comrade Kasukuwere, it was then agreed that since there was no cabinet meeting this week today be turned into that special session.”

That special meeting of the Council of Ministers was meant to start at 10am but none of the ministers from ZANU PF showed up. Tamborinyoka said it was clear the boycott was ‘choreographed’ because ZANU PF were ‘allergic to a robust debate’ on the negative implications of the way the indigenisation programme is being implemented.

According to Tamborinyoka three issues were set to be discussed and these included the indigenisation law, its implementation and the issue of the mixed messages being given by the coalition partners in government.

“It is clear they have chosen to boycott a government platform in pursuit of narrow and parochial party interests. For them indigenisation is a campaign issue, it is not a government issue,” Tamborinyoka said. He said Tsvangirai will be taking up the issue of the boycott with Mugabe at their weekly Monday meetings.

Mugabe is reportedly on private business in Singapore and this would explain why there was no cabinet meeting. The 88 year old ZANU PF leader does not want any cabinet meeting being held in his absence, despite having two vice presidents, a Prime Minister and his two deputies. SW Radio Africa

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