Zanu (PF) supporters clashes in Nyanga

Zanu (PF) infighting deepens amid serious clashes of rival factions which left some supporter injured at Nyanga Country Club.

Teddy Chisumba's camp accused youths of cheating during the Nyanga DCC elections.
Teddy Chisumba’s camp accused youths of cheating during the Nyanga DCC elections.

Members of the CIO operatives and armed police officers had to intervene to quell the violence.

The bloody clashes involved two rival camps spearheaded by Zanu (PF) youths and war veterans. The latter campheaded by Teddy Chitsumba accused the former led by Moses Gutu for cheating in the District Coordinating Committee.

According to close sources who witnessed the violent clashes, the supporters were waiting for Zanu (PF) political commissar Webster Shamuat Nyanga Country Club who was to address the fighting camps.

The supporters who were cladded in Zanu (PF) regalia were said to be chanting derogatory party songs which sparked the violent clashes.

"We saw Zanu (PF) youths gathered at Nyanga Country Club in the morning.There were two rival camps, one led by Chisumba, the other by Gutu.

"They were waiting for (Webster) Shamu who was coming to investigate the DCC elections," said the source who refused to be named in fear of victimization.

The source added that, "Both camps were chanting party songs, which triggered the clashes. Central Intelligence officers and police had to intervene."

Shamu could not be reached for comment as he was said to be addressing both camps in what could be a heated meeting.

Nyanga district police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Musiiwa Bere said they have not yet received the case.

In the first round of the Nyanga DCC elections, war veterans who are aligned to the Mujuru faction only managed to salvage two seats out of 36 contested seats in the districts elections.These are commissariat and women's affairs which they contested against each other.

Chitsumba said the elections were not free and fair citing massive fraud and irregularities by the presiding authority.

The war veterans also complained that the presents of Energy deputy minister Herbert Nyanhongo and Defence minister Emerson Mnangagwa in the area during the polls day compromised the outcome.

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