ZAPU demands truth not compensation

ZAPU has demanded that the government immediately set up a commission that will lay the groundwork for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai

Responding to recent media reports quoting Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai as saying he was pushing for a law that would see victims and survivors of the Gukurahundi massacres compensated, ZAPU information secretary Mjobisa Noko said the people would not be bought by “30 pieces of silver.”

“If Tsvangirai is sincere about laying the ghost of Matebeleland to rest for good, he should push President Robert Mugabe to come clean.

“Mugabe should be held to account, the perpetrators should face the victims,” Noko told The Zimbabwean. He said he respected Tsvangirai and his fight for a democratic Zimbabwe.

“With due respect to the Premier he should rather be pushing for a law that recognises not only the massacres but also forces the state to set up without delay a TRC. We will not be bought with money,” he said.

“Posterity would judge this generation harshly if we are to buy the bait that has been daggled in front of us by this rabid regime, we must never take anything less than a full blown inquiry that is transparent and open.”

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