ZAPU pours cold water over ‘peace’ speech

Opposition ZAPU vice president Emilia Mukaratirwa has poured cold water on President Robert Mugabe’s Independence Day speech, saying it was the same ‘hollow pronouncement we have heard for 32 years’.

In an exclusive interview with The Zimbabwean,Mukaratirwa said Mugabe had learnt over time to say the right things at the right time.

“He should have taken advantage of the occasion to bring to order people like Douglas Nyikayaramba, who have made treasonous statements like they would not salute so and so if they were elected President.

“He should have told Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri that indeed the people have a right to choose a government through a pen, even a Chinese pen that costs less than R5 can do that,” said Mukaratirwa.

“Has Mugabe finally had his own version of the Apostle Paul’s Damascene experience? We wait with bated breath. Time will tell,” she added.

The ZAPU vice president said her party would continue to call for Mugabe and his party to remember the ideals of the liberation struggle.

“They have forgotten why they went to war and we will make the necessary noises to remind them,” she said.

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