Zimbos in SA must report abuse: Afriforum

AfriForum CEO, Kallie Kriel, has urged victims of human rights abuses to lay charges at the office of the Independent Complaints Directorate, following continued allegations of abuse by SA Department of Home Affairs and police.

AfriForum CEO, Kallie Kriel.
AfriForum CEO, Kallie Kriel.

“My advice would be that the victims of police harassment should lodge a complaint with the Independent Complaints Directorate and provide proof of what happened. One of our staff members can give victims advice on how the process works if it is needed,” he said.

This is the second time a humanitarian organisation has aired concerns over allegations of abuse of Zimbabweans by the South African government officials.

Last year, opposition party, Shadow Minister for International Relations, Kenneth Sililo Mubu, said: “Allegations of abuse are rife, but we need proof that our officials are abusing them. I urge anyone with information that will assist me to investigate to come forward.”

A Zimbabwean refugee died after sustaining serious wounds after being assaulted by a security guard at the DHA office in Cape Town a few months ago. Last year a Zimbabwean man was stoned to death in Polokwane by a gang of 20, including a senior ANC member.

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