12-year-old desperate for funding to cure tumour

Charmaine Gumbo (12) is seeking funding after being diagnosed with a tumour on her spinal cord. She needs $12,000 in order to undergo an emergency operation to cure the abnormal growth of cells.

Pahushamwaru Hwedu Trust Fund Co-coordinator, Esmie Chisoka, appealed to The Zimbabwean to alert people to help the child, who she described as academically gifted.

Pahushamwari Hwedu is a charity comprising a group of women helping fellow women and children in the Zimbabwean community. It works in collaboration with a charity registered in England and Wales.

“We are concerned about Charmaine’s situation and appeal to well-wishers to donate funds towards the plight of this bright student so that she can live a better life. She should be in Form One like any other 12-year-old,” Chisoka said.

“We want to get the medical attention she needs and also make her day-to-day care more manageable by donating basic essentials like food, nappies and clothes,” she added.

Charmaine is now wheelchair bound as she has suffered lower limb paralysis, forcing her guardians to provide her with care around the clock. Being bedridden has resulted in her contracting severe pressure sores while her nervous system has also been weakened.

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