Agritex officials sell grain loan maize

Corruption allegations involving grain loan maize are escalating amid revelations that Agritex officials are allegedly offloading truckloads of maize onto the black market, prejudicing drought-stricken villagers in Manicaland province.

The officials are illegally demanding top-up transport and administration fees.

Traditional leaders are said to be involved in this sscam of extorting villagers by demanding lunch allowances for Agritex officials as evidenced on 11 May in Buhera North Ward 9 at Bere-Nyazvivi Business Centre where Headmen Chitsunge, through his 28 kraal-heads demanded 50c from each of the 600 drought stricken-villagers who wanted to collect the grain.

MDC chairman for ward 9, Robison Ushe said despite the kraal-heads having collected 50c from each person, only $5,00 was given to the Agritex official and the rest was shared among the kraal-heads and headman.

The MDC Today – Issue 356

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