Alert – BPRA weekend Activities (12 -13 May 2012)

This weekend (12 – 13 May 2012), Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) will be holding six consultative meetings that are meant to bring together residents of Bulawayo and councillors in their respective areas to discuss issues of service delivery. The meetings, to be held in Pumula North, Pelandaba, Cowdray Park, Emakhandeni, Matsheumhlophe and Entumbane are meant to give residents a platform to hold the local authority, that is, the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) accountable for

BPRA will also be continuing with its Residents Building Peaceful Communities Project under which one peace rally is lined up in Tshabalala. The peace rallies that the association has been holding in the wards across the city are aimed at inculcating a culture of peace and tolerance among communities in Bulawayo despite differing political ideologies. The rallies bring together residents and leaders from the main political parties in the country to discuss issues of violence and peace building with a mind to promoting peace in the wake of possible elections either this year or next year.

The schedule for the activities is as follows:

Consultative meetings:

Date Ward and Venue Activity Time

Sat 12/05/12 Pumula North Hall (ward 17) Consultative Meeting 2pm to 4 pm

Sat 12/05/12 Pelandaba Hall (ward 13) Consultative Meeting 2pm to 4 pm

Sun 13/05/12 Emastendini Soccer Field (Cowdray Park – ward 28) Consultative Meeting 10am to 12 pm

Sun 13/05/12 Emakhandeni Hall (ward 11) Consultative Meeting 2pm to 4pm

Sun 13/05/12 Rio Hotel (Matsheumhophe – ward 4) Consultative meeting 2pm to 4 pm

Sun 13/05/12 Entumbane Hall (ward 10) Consultative meeting 2pm to 4 pm

Peace Rally:

Date Venue/ward Activity Time

Sat 12/05/12 Tshabalala Hall (ward 21) Peace Rally 10am – 1pm

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