Corrupt cops blamed for tragic crash

The death last month of 12 people burnt beyond recognition after a head-on collision between a haulage truck and a South African-registered Toyota Hilux twin-cab along the Bulawayo-BeitBridge highway, has highlighted the problem of corruption by traffic cops.

Traffic police
Traffic police

Cross border traders are fuming over bribes they pay once they touch Zimbabwean soil.

“There are numerous road blocks along the Gwanda-BeitBridge road. You have to set aside more than R500 for the police,” said Mpume Ndlovu.

Tafadzwa Manyika blamed every road accident on the ZRP.”These guys are useless. They must be taken off our roads and streets and community members should take over their operations,” he said.

Who is to blame for the accident?

There are many unanswered questions about the accident, such as how did the cops allow the driver to pass through more than six roadblocks mounted between Bulawayo and scene of the accident with an overload of 12 people. Analyst Zamile Zulu was quick to reprimand ZRP for failing citizens and valuing money morethan human life.

“Definitely whoever was in charge that day must resign immediately. You can’t allow such a thing to happen. Normally, that size of Bakkie doesn’t carry more than seven people.

It had extra five people and made it as far as West Nicholson. This proves that those roadblocks are just there to take bribes,” he fumed.

Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka was quoted refuting claims that his institution is corrupt, but the behaviour of his service men proves him otherwise.

In September last year President Robert Mugabe swore-in a nine member Anti-corruption Commission but it has remained dormant. Last year Vice-President JoiceMujuru said corruption and negligence by uniformed forces was a worrying matter – but nothing is being done to improve the situation.

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