Creeks in Harare North West a health hazard

Creeks in the Avondale, Kensington and Milton Park areas are fast becoming a health hazard as residents dump waste on their banks, further polluting the environment.

Heaps of refuse in a creek behind Kenny Road in Kensington are slowly building up and the situation continues to deteriorate as vagrants have set-up camp there.

Piles of logs from cut down trees and burnt rubbish, mainly beverage cans are growing. There is a burst water pipe under the bridge soon after Kenny Road northward bound with used sanitary wear blocking the drain.

In the dry brook in Cork road on the Blackstone Primary School side near Prince Edward Road a multitude of home waste mounds are mushrooming.

The road has many eateries and this poses a health risk as baby disposable nappies, pads and other sanitary items are also part of the accumulating garbage.

Indian Food Court owner Victor Subba, whose restaurant is opposite waste said he was unaware of the on -going dumping, adding the acts were being conducted in the night.

Subba said if unchecked they stood to cause harm.

“The waste dumps pose a health threat if unchecked and there is need to clear the creeks…we have not seen residents dispose waste so it’s happening during dark hours,” he said.

Thomas Kanjere of House Number 8 Kenny Road said the situation was being worsened by the municipality’s failure to collect refuse in their neighbourhood.

“The neighbourhood has gone for over two weeks without garbage collection so some residents have resorted to dumping and burning waste in the creek areas, contaminating the water and damaging the environment,”

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