DA, Chief on collision course over witch-hunt

District Administrator, James Chiwaru and Chief Lovemore Zenda Svosve could be headed for a collision over a witch-hunt in Marondera East.

Villagers told The Zimbabwean that the sorcerer, popularly known as ‘Tsikamutanda’ and whose identity remains a jealously guarded secret, descended on the rural community armed with a clearance letter signed by Chief Svosve, authorising him to flush out witches.

“There is panic among villagers who are suspicious about the sorcerer’s motives. He claims to be endowed with spiritual powers to identify witches,” said an elderly villager.

He said the Tsikamutanda had set up camp in the Masikana area and would visit homesteads suspected of housing witches and perform rituals to expose them. The terrified villagers offered him cattle, goats and pigs to try and placate the evil spirits.

Many fear people are using him to target political and social rivals under the guise of removing evil spirits. “In most cases, those accused of being witches are forced to leave the village, and cannot defend themselves.

As government has the Witchcraft Suppression Act, we call upon the powers that be to stop the sorcerer before he divides villagers and displaces innocent families,” said another elderly villager.

Recently, the DA warned villagers from Chihota area to guard against falling prey to Tsikamutanda’s tricks and said any sorcerers should be reported to the nearest police, as their activities were criminal.

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