Disband Information ministry-journalist

Veteran journalist William Bango has called for the disbandment of the Ministry of Information and Publicity saying that it is no longer relevant and has failed to carry out its mandate since independence in 1980.

Speaking at a public lecture in memory of veteran journalist Bornwell Chakaodza who died on the 1st of February this year, Bango said that self regulation is the way forward as the media cannot be policed by paid officers who are often failures.

"Government ministries of information should be disbanded forthwith and turned into repositories of public records as regulatory authorities together their sidekicks the Zimbabwe Media Commission Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe and others they performances in history leaves a sour taste in the mouth," said Bango.

Bango bemoaned the paradox that is obtaining in the country where the present government continues to use laws that were used during the repressive Ian Smith rule before independence in 1980.

Ironically the nationalists who include Information Minister Webster Shamu fought against the same laws that they have now perfected.

"At independence our veterans guaranteed the right of all citizens to fashion out our arguments freely and they promised a nation that pledge to help us to grow our skills based on equal opportunities but that is not happening.

"The promise was to be premised on free speech as a well as a way to build and fight corruption, great promises that never saw the light of the day,"

said Bango.

Under the law newspapers in Zimbabwe are supposed to be registered with the ZMC while journalists are also required to have accreditation, however, Bango said whenever governments creates such regulatory system it is a denial of people space.

"Official regulators enforce compliance. They declare and manage penalties; they ensure delivery of obligations unlike the media there are not interested in public service. Official regulators define and regulate freedom, they always use force and the law, and can kill journalism by the drop of the cap if their interests are threatened,"

said Bango.

Although the country has witnessed a freeing of the media in the print through the government has been able to maintain its stronghold on the broadcasting through BAZ.

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