Don’t help cops, residents tell MP

Magwegwe Member of Parliament, Felix Mafa Sibanda, is ranked by residents as one of the most hardworking legislators, who has effectively represented his constituency and initiated good developmental projects.

MP Felix Mafa Sibanda.
MP Felix Mafa Sibanda.

Part of the Constituency Development fund was used to renovate Magwegwe police station – a decision which attracted the ire of some residents.

“This money could have been used to fix our terrible roads rather than given to institution which is associated with repression. Surely this was a misplaced priority,” said a resident, Henry Makozho.

Makozho said if he had been given a say in the distribution of the money, he would have created income generating projects particularly for youths and women.

Sibanda admitted that most residents were against the police station project, but defended it saying:

“The police force is part of our society. We need them to protect us from criminals. The station had become an eyesore. In fact we need to assist the police more, because at the end of the day the residents’ security is what is important,” he said.

The constituency, which covers Lobengula, one of Bulawayo’s oldest and poorest suburbs, has had five MPs since independence, including late vice President Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, Norman Zikhali and Fletcher Dulini. The constituency has 35 000 registered voters, according to the 2008 voter registration statistics.

Since being elected on an MDC–T ticket in 2008, Sibanda has supported public facilities such as schools, clinics and libraries, mainly through his Constituency Development Fund. The two primary schools and five secondary schools in the constituency have benefited most.

“After consulting the residents, we allocated about 90% of the fund to the education sector. Most of the money was used to buy school furniture, computers, photocopier machines, stationery and books.

We also bought a generator at Masotsha secondary where students and adults are now able to study at night,” he said. He also bought seven wheels chairs for HIV /Aids patients who were being ferried in wheelbarrows to the clinic.

The community is in charge of the wheelchairs which can be accessed easily anytime by those who need them.

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