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Mashonaland East

Mutoko: Cases of victimisation continue to be reported in the area especially after one Assistant Commissioner E. Pfumvuti a serving police officer declared his ambition to be the next Member of Parliament of the area.

It is reported that ZANU (PF) youths in Nyamukosi area are harassing villagers, they allegedly blocked the entrance to the shop of a MDC supporter, Mai Mapuranga threatening people not to buy in a shop owned by a MDC supporter. A police report was made but no arrests have been made so far.

The food distribution exercise is still being carried out in a partisan manner as reports indicate that ZANU PF shadow councillors have taken over the distribution forcefully from village heads and are only giving the food vouchers to their supporters denying other intended beneficiaries from other political parties. Of the 29 councillors in Mutoko, only 6 are MDC and said to be just “ceremonial” councillors, when it comes to food distribution.


Cases of threats and intimidation were reported in the past weeks but now the situation is said to have improved The distribution of grain is not being handled fairly as it is reported that only ZANU (PF) supporters are benefiting from the grain loan scheme.

Midlands North-Gokwe

No cases of political violence were reported in the area.

Manicaland-Makoni South

There are reported cases of political violence in Makoni South. It is alleged that on Monday 30 April, unnamed ZANU (PF) supporters burnt to ashes a house belonging to Makoni South Ward 26 chairlady Ethel Tichawana accusing her of being an MDC supporter. She lost all her belongings in the house. A police report was made but no arrests have been made to date.

Mashonaland Central- Mazowe

The situation is calm, no cases of political violence were recorded. There are no complaints in the distribution of food as it is reported that MP Mushonga is closely monitoring the distribution making sure that it is done in a non partisan manner.


No cases of violence have been reported in Norton and the situation is calm at the moment.

Masvingo – Zaka

No cases of political violence have been reported. The grain loan scheme is still being distributed and only ZANU (PF) supporters are benefiting. The ZANU (PF) supporters claim that the maize is from their leaders hence no one should benefit except them.

Manicaland – Buhera

No cases of violence have been reported in the area.

Masvingo – Gutu North

No cases of violence have been reported. JOMIC is still continuing with its peace building workshops with councillors and village heads. Villagers reported that the peace workshops seem to have a positive impact in the area as levels of political tolerance have improved. No cases of violence have been reported so far.

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