Glen Norah ‘A’ residents’ update

25 April 2012, Glen Norah A - RESIDENTS of Glen Norah A have expressed concern with the continued deterioration in community service delivery. This came out of a Focus Group Discussion organized by Glen Norah Residents’ Committee (GRC), an affiliate of the HRT responsible for monitoring and evaluating community service delivery and engaging service providers on the state of service delivery. The health centres are unresponsive to the sick, water supplies are bad, there is abuse of power b

1. Water supplies: Water supply is erratic, affecting the livelihoods of residents especially Ward 27 of Glen Norah where Ruvheneko Primary School is located. Boreholes in the area are not meeting water demands of the whole suburb. There are seven boreholes in wards 27 and 29. The borehole at Mushayabhande area is not working. The borehole stationed at Ruvheneko Primary School is heavy and makes it difficult to use.

2. Refuse Collection: Refuse collection is inconsistent. The community was made aware that refuse is supposed to be collected on Mondays but at times that refuse truck does not come. Dumpsites have developed outside Ruvheneko Primary school. The refuse collection trucks also over speed along the bad road network in the community hence refuse collection is not thorough.

3. Health services: Patients wake up at around 5:30 am in the morning to go to the local clinic expecting a service. People are tested for HIV/Aids at Utsanana clinic but the nurses continue to run re-tests and at times they prescribe wrong medicines for patients. Women at the meeting raised concern with the treatment given to those who give birth at Utsanana clinic. Nurses do not take time to fully examine pregnant women giving rise to birth complications usually referred to Harare Hospital. Referred patients are required to pay additional fees for the ambulance upon admission at Harare hospital. Further maternity fees are charged at Harare hospital regardless of having paid at the local clinic. Women are also charged $50.00 fine for late delivery. Utsanana clinic also lacks adequate birth facilities. The HRT is alarmed at the failure of the Directors of City health Dr Stanley Mungofa and Dr Prosper Chonzi to deal decisively with the errant behaviour of health staff at Utsanana Clinic. The demands from the residents are that the nurse in charge there should be removed and bring in a more responsible professional nurse.

4. Sewerage Reticulation system: There is a sewer burst pipe along White Way Road which has gone unattended to for several months. Residents have also resorted to using Glen Norah Park as a place to relieve themselves despite raw sewerage frothing in the grass.

5. Police: Residents accuse the police of harassing youths for allegedly abusing drugs like marijuana (mbanje). Some youths at the meeting indicated that they were beaten up after they were accused of taking drugs. Married couples have also been arrested on several occasions by Glen Norah police after being accused of loitering at night. A couple testified to have been detained overnight on their way from a local funeral to their home.

For details and comments, please contact us on [email protected]/ or visit our website or mobile 0772 869 294/ 0773 381 973/ 0772 771 860 or contact Mrs Juliet Masiyambiri the Chairperson of Glen Norah Residents’ Committee on 0773 013 584.

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