Global News Roundup

End in sight

Almost 2000 Palestinian prisoners, some into their eleventh week of a hunger strike, have agreed to end their protest if Israel changes the rules surrounding their incarceration. They have been held without charge, as is permitted under Israeli law.

Greek impasse

Greece looks set to return to the ballot box after the country’s major parties were unable to agree on a coalition deal after a week of negotiations. The last hope rests with president

Karolos Papoulias who has until today to forge a deal.

Deadly, high crash

Fifteen people were killed on Monday when a plane crashed as it was preparing to land at a high-altitude Himalayan air strip in northern Nepal. The flight had been chartered by 13 Indian passengers, who along with two pilots, were killed.

ICC arrests

The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) chief prosecutor is seeking arrest warrants for two rebel leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said he wanted to add charges to the existing warrant for renegade

General Bosco Ntaganda, and issued a new warrant for Sylvestre Mudacumura. Both are accused of crimes against humanity and war crimes including the murder and rape of civilians.

Close to Kony?

Ugandan troops have arrested a senior aide to guerrilla leader Joseph Kony. The capture of Caesar Acellam, the fourth in the Lord’s Resistance Army hierarchy, may signal international forces are closing in on Kony, one of the world’s most wanted men.

Headless massacre

Police in Mexico have found 49 headless bodies – 43 men and six women – on the side of a road in northern Mexico. The massacre is believed to relate to a dispute between notorious drug cartels. The victims have not been identified.

Hudson verdict in

The former brother-in-law of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson has been convicted of murdering her brother, mother and nephew. William Balfour was sentenced to life in jail. Hudson is said to have been “emotional” after the verdict.

Bad monks

A senior South Korean Buddhist order has apologised after footage of monks smoking, drinking and playing poker emerged. The stakes amounted to nearly $900,000. The controversial order’s monks have resigned.

Mystery solved?

Toxic mould on rice and heavy metals in soil may have caused a mystery rash and illness which killed 21 people in Vietnam, a preliminary report has found. Another 200 fell sick. The World Health Organisation is helping to prepare a final report.

VP corruption claims

Argentina’s vice president Amado Boudou is under investigation amid allegations of corruption. A journalist’s investigations suggest Boudou may have been illegally profiting from state contracts. A judge will decide whether charges will proceed.

Yemen clash

A fierce fire fight between Al Qaeda militants and Yemeni soldiers has killed 16 people near the coastal city of Zinjibar. The national forces with heavy artillery recaptured the city which has been under guerrilla control for over a year.

Cricket corruption

India’s cricket authorities have called an emergency meeting after a reporters alleged extensive corruption in the Indian Premier League. The reporters from a TV channel secretly recorded talks with some players and showed them agreeing to bowl no-balls and spot-fix matches.

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