Hatcliffe water supply improves

Water provision in Hatcliffe 1 and 2 gradually improved in the past two weeks with residents getting at least two days of uninterrupted flow.

The area is one of the worst affected in the Harare metropolitan province, with dwellers waking up to queue for water before dawn at community boreholes sunk by UNICEF.

Community coordinator for the area, Ronia Gwaze, said the development would alleviate pressure on the boreholes and improve sanitation at households on lower ground.

“Residents on lower ground in Hatcliffe are ecstatic following the advent of running water. They can now store water in buckets for later use especially for sanitary purposes,” she said.

Across town in the south western suburbs of Kuwadzana Phase 3 and Dzivarasekwa, construction of a water pump station is near completion. It will increase water pressure from the two reservoirs, relieving water woes in the area by the end of June 2012. Managing director with a company partnering Harare City Council, Pevimagu Chipindu, said the pressure booster would ensure water supply in the targeted areas by end the first half of the year.

Harare Residents Trust Community Coordinator, Willmore Mativenga, who covers Greendale, Mandara, Chisipite, Highlands and the Grange, said scores of residents had gone for close to a decade without running water being supplied by council, yet they still receive monthly water bills. Residents in the area have boreholes, or buy water or live on the goodwill of neighbours with boreholes. Harare South East areas of Uplands, Shortson, Hilton, Picnic Park and Chevioh continue to receive water once every week on Wednesdays.

The water is usually dirty, with residents of Uplands and Cheviot now preferring water from boreholes.

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