International day of families: nothing worth to smile about Mr President

On the 15th of May, the world celebrates the international day of families. On the eve of the 15th, the President of Zimbabwe, his Excellency President Robert Mugabe gave the state of the nation an address which spoke of many issues which included the negative impact of H.I.V and Aids and migration as some of the major negative factors which are affecting families in Zimbabwe. He also touched on the need for government to deal with the problem of child headed families and brain drain. The intern

Whilst CHRA and other progressive Civil Society organizations joined the rest of the world in celebrating this day, there was nothing positive to smile about. This day has come in the wake of wanton displacements that have been taking place in this country and some that have taken place and have not been addressed to date.

Zimbabweans all over still have fresh memories of how families were displaced under operation Murambatsvina and how many family heads lost their source of livelihood forcing many children to drop out of school marking a sudden twist to their possible hope for a bright future. Zimbabwe is also aware of the evictions that have continued to date, with the Presidents’ wife displacing more than 60 families in Mazowe paving way for the construction of a shopping centre and children’s home.

The continued disappearance of activists and political displacement of people who are perceived to be sympathizers of certain political parties continue to worry us especially when we commemorate a day like this. It is by and largely true that to date, political violence is still on the increase with most reports indicating that ZANU PF continues to ride on its reign of terror in rural and some urban areas where most activists have been left razed in acts of arson. This has forced many to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere leaving minors and other dependants socially and economically vulnerable.

The current harsh macro- economic climate characterized by a liquidity crisis that the country faces is forcing families to become victims of economic migration where we see Zimbabweans crossing boarders for greener pastures. It has become a norm that some children can only see their parent(s) once a year and that normally is during the festive season. However, we are concerned that some of the economic challenges we are currently having as a country are a result of ill-informed policies and mis-governance that has been inherited by the G.P.A from ZANU PF which was at the helm of all Ministries.

We call upon the government of Zimbabwe to quickly address the issue of displacements. In the same vein, the Minister of Local Government should retract his statement which he incited traditional leaders to displace all those that support homosexuality in their communities.

Quote of the day: “The best inheritance you can ever give your children is for them to have access to a full and united family for the rest of their life” Anon

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