Kundiwona pays tribute to The Zim

“Objective journalism practiced by The Zimbabwean helped me turn into a responsible educator and employer, who paid workers decent salaries on time,” said Founder UMAA Group of Colleges, Dr Cleopas Kundiwona, at the Marondera International Press Freedom Day Commemorations at the weekend.

UMAA Founder, Cleopas Kundiwona.
UMAA Founder, Cleopas Kundiwona.

“Media should be given free and unrestricted environment in which to operate. Both state and private media houses should be part of democratic societies. The Zimbabwean, though sometimes radical, wrote critical and objective news articles about lack of standard water facilities and poor working conditions at my educational institutions.

I did not begrudge the paper but as a right thinking and educated person, I took heed of the anomalies highlighted in the publication and took corrective measures. Today, my colleges are rated among the best as the infrastructural facilities have become reached international standards.

I would like to commend journalistic standards at news media such as The Zimbabwean,” said the distinguished educator and trainer of journalists.

“I call upon governments and politicians to allow free flow of information and help to open media space for new players. People deserve the right to alternative sources of information without any hindrance,” he said.

He also called on journalists to be brave and professional, saying “Maintain the watchdog responsibility you were given. Execute your responsibilities without fear or favour. You should also be patriotic and do not be used by external forces bent on destroying and exploiting the country’s resources at the expense of locals.”

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