Low tobacco sales feared

A significant number of tobacco farmers were this year affected by the inconsistent rains, and this year’s tobacco selling season started in February, on a slow note, arousing fears of lower sales volumes.

But statistics released by the Tobacco Industry Marketing Board this week show a marginal increase in sales, compared to last year.

71 million kg of flue cured tobacco worth US$267 million has so far sold at an average price of $3.78 per kg, marking an 18,78 percent increase from last year’s gross sales of US$168 million from the sale of 60 million kg during the same period.

Farmers have also got a better value for their crop as last year’s average price was at US$2.82 per kg.

At the auction, 31million kg of flue cured tobacco has sold for US$114m at an average price was US$3.70 per kg.

Top of the list this season is Tobacco Sales Floor has so far sold 10 million kg for US$39m with an average price of US$3.74 per kilogram. The floor laid 153 474 bales, auctioned 141 162 bales and rejected 12 312.

Boka Tobacco Floors closely follow TSF, with a sale of 10 million kg of tobacco valued at US$36 million but with a lower average price of US$3.62 per kg.

BTF laid 150 272 bales and auctioned 141 187 bales while the remaining 9 085 bales were rejected.

Millennium Tobacco Floors disposed of 5 million kg of tobacco with a value of US$19m at an rate of US$3,72 per kg while Premier Tobacco Floors have sold 5 million kg of tobacco worth US$20m. Premier sold at an average of US$3.74 per kg.

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