Makoto impresses at Capablanca Memorial Chess tourney

Fide Master rodwell Makoto played some very solid chess in the Capablanca Memorial chess tourney held in South Africa recently. He came joint second with 5,5 points out of 9 games of play. Watu Kobese of South Africa was the winner with 6 points. Makoto was tied with IM Mabusela of South Africa. Makoto drew some games which he should have won.

He drew his final game against Providence Oathlatse of Botswana who should have lost the game, but Makoto drew a game which should have led him to be the joint winner of the tourney. It was however such a sterling performance for someone who was busy with exams. This was a tough secion A.

IM Gwaze played in the B section and won it. For a player of his calibre, he was suppose to play in the A section. FM MAKOTO was playing for an IM norm.The youngman is full of potential. It was not yet clear if he was conferred with an IM norm.

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