NCA stands by No vote plan

The National Constitutional Assembly will still vote against the new constitution come the referendum despite its long-serving chairman declaring that he will enter active politics.


In an exclusive interview with The Zimbabwean NCA spokesperson Blessing Vava declared: “We will sell our livestock to sustain the struggle.”

“The NCA membership will sell our chickens, cows and goats to make sure that we keep sailing. Lack of donor money will not stop the NCA’s No Vote campaign. What drives us is not the money but the commitment to fight for a better Zimbabwe that is governed properly,” Vava said. He lashed out at donors for “jumping ship”.

“We do not need to rely much on donor funds to fight our struggles because we have realized that some will hijack your cause while some will want to remote control and use us as proxies,” he said, adding that Lovemore Madhuku’s decision to enter politics would not distract them. “People have to distinguish the NCA from Madhuku,” he said. The media has been awash with stories that the Assembly faces collapse because donor funds have dried. Madhuku said liquidity problems and donor fatigue had affected many institutions and was “nothing peculiar.”

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